Etowah Volleyball is a sport for the family

What does it mean to be a Lady Eagle at Etowah??

When an upcoming 9-12 grader decides to try out for the Etowah Volleyball team, at first they are somewhat shy, but they go in with their excitement and do their best.  Much of their success to this point is largely based on the support of their family.

Once on a team, they quickly come to appreciate their new family members in the team.  But the team is much more than the players on the court.  The Coaches, parents, and even siblings make a huge part of the team.

This is why we say that when you become a Lady Eagle, your family comes too.  Each family dedicates time to the team to help the season run smoothly and assure that each player has their best possible chance of success.

Our Board Members are parents too… Yes, in addition to supporting their own daughter on the team, they spend countless hours for 8 months before the season begins making sure that it will go off without a hitch.  Once teams have formed, several coordinators take the lead on each team assuring that each player has what they need to succeed.

In short, the volleyball season would not happen without the volunteer efforts of each and every family member of each and every player.

Etowah Eagles – We are Family!

Family Volunteer opportunities when you have a Lady Eagle:

  • Board Member: Coordinate and prepare for Fall volleyball season, this includes President, Secretary, Treasurer.
  • Webmaster: Update volleyball website with all pertinent information throughout the year.
  • Team Parent: Liaison between board/coaches and Communicates with the team parents.
  • Concession Coordinator: Coordinates concessions for each home match for all the teams, not just the players team.
  • Score Keeper:  The person that keeps the score and communicates to the referees for one entire match.  See tutorial video here or find many other learning videos online.
  • Libero Tracker: The person that keeps track of the libero entry and exit as well as all substitutions for one entire match. This person also helps the scorekeeper track subs.  See tutorial video here or find many other learning videos online.
  • Line Judge: Person who will stand on a corner of the court and watch for the ball to be in our out of the line for the entire match.  See tutorial video here.
  • Flipper: Changes the score for one entire match and also verbally helps keep track of subs and liberos.



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