JV Volleyball Schedule

Subscribing to the Calendar

To subscribe to your team’s schedule, start by COPYING the link below for the JV calendar to your clipboard.

You’ll then subscribe to it through your Apple or Google calendar by following the steps below for your device type.

To ensure you are subscribed to the calendar and will continue to receive updates to it, please follow the steps below. Do NOT just click on the link, as you will loose out on the subscription capabilities.

Copy this Link for the JV Team Calendar

  • To copy the link from your Mobile Device: press & hold on the link until you see the option to "Copy Link"

  • To copy the link from your Mac/PC: right click on the link and select "Copy Link"

For Apple Devices (iPhone & iPads)

  1. Go to Settings app and scroll down to "Passwords & Accounts".
  2. Tap “Add Account”, then “Other”, then “Add Subscribed Calendar”.
  3. Paste in the Link from the corresponding calendar above and then tap “Next”
  4. On the next page, leave everything alone and just tap “Next”
  5. The calendar has now been added to your list of available calendars. To view it, open the Calendar app.
  6. In the Apple Calendars app, tap “Calendars” at the bottom of the screen to view all your calendars.
  7. Under “Subscribed Calendars” you’ll see the one you just added. You should also see the content on your calendar display.

For Apple MacOS Calendar

  1. Go to the Apple Calendar app, File menu, select "New Calendar Subscription…".
  2. Paste in the Link from the corresponding calendar above and then click “Subscribe”.
  3. You can then select a color for the calendar items and choose an auto-refresh time frame for the calendar (Every hour should be frequent enough). Then tap "OK".
  4. The calendar has now been added to your list of available calendars.

For the Google Calendar app on Android or iOS Devices

  1. The Google Calendar app doesn’t allow adding or subscribing to new calendars, so instead you need to first subscribe to the calendar in the browser based version of Google Calendar (described below).
  2. Once you’ve done that, the new calendar will automatically appear in your Google Calendar app’s display.

For Google Calendar on a PC

  1. Open your browser (usually Chrome) and go to your Google Calendar.
  2. In the left margin, you will see a list of calendars your account is currently displaying. You should also see a category called "Other Calendars" at the bottom of this list.
  3. Tap the "+" sign next to "Other Calendars" and then "From URL".
  4. Paste in the Link from the calendar above and tap "Add Calendar"
  5. When you exit the Settings menu, you will now see the new calendar listed under "Other Calendars" and the events should be shown on your calendar display.
  6. If you also use the Google Calendar app on your Android or iPhone device, you will also now be able to view this calendar.

Note: If you are using multiple Google accounts simultaneously on your PC, you need to make sure Google Calendar uses the correct account for the calendar subscription. For example, if you have a personal gmail account and one or more google business accounts, you may decide that you want to use your personal account for the subscription. In this case, make sure when you are displaying Google Calendar, it is your personal Google account icon being shown in the upper right corner. If you have trouble with this, you may want to temporarily log out of all but the desired Google account and then subscribe to the calendar. This will ensure you apply it to the desired account.