Summer Camp – FAQ

The Etowah Volleyball Booster Club (EVBC) would like to welcome you again this year to our website and help you in any way we can to make this year’s summer camp a success. For those students trying out at the High School level at Etowah for the upcoming school year, we wish you the best! For the newcomers, below I hope to address some of the things that when you first begin your child in the sport of volleyball, you may find some answers here to your questions regarding the camps and the tryout process.

This school district has a feeder program at ET Booth where 6-8th graders try out for teams which as of today consists of the White team, the Blue team and the Gold team. The tryout process typically begins in late April for the following school year.  These past few years have shown an enormous interest in volleyball and with this in mind, the program has been set with a great foundation by parents and coaches who have a great love for the sport.

One question asked over and over is, what is the difference between Club volleyball and School volleyball? The EVBC, of course, only deals with the high school volleyball program, but it is helpful to know the difference between the two.

What is Club Volleyball?    It is a private group that forms teams and plays tournaments throughout its season. There are several club teams around Atlanta, and tryouts for this begin in late October and the season runs through April. This season is much longer than the school season. At tournaments, the players are responsible for scorekeeping, line judging, and helping to ref the games. Travel can be far away, many times 4 or 5 tournaments are in neighboring states. The cost with club play is on the expensive side, so it is not always an options for all families, but if it is affordable, I strongly recommend having your child tryout for a team in the fall. She will gain confidence, improve her skills and learn many things throughout its 6 month season.

School Volleyball?    The season runs from August 1st thru October, sometimes November. It is a much shorter season. Many times you think the players are just getting the rotations and plays figured out and then season is over. There are usually around 10-12 games a season, and we play other fairly local teams in the area, including Alpharetta, Marietta, North Cherokee, etc. The parents as well as the players, however, are the ones responsible for the scorekeeping and line judging jobs as well as carpooling and running the concession stands at each of the home games. In School Volleyball, parents have a very active role in the teams’ growth and helping make sure everything run smoothly. These responsibilities are required of every parent with a child that plays.

What to do next?    Well now that you know a little bit about volleyball, the next thing you will want to do is get your child in summer camp to get their skills sharp and ready for the tryouts.  For the younger athletes, camp is a way to introduce your child to the sport and learn how to serve, set, attack and dig! There are many skills they will learn attending Etowah’s summer camp while having fun and meeting new friends.  It is run by the high school varsity coach and her assistants, as well as additional help coming from the Varsity players from previous years. To register, please click the link here and follow the instructions to register for camp. You may either mail in your registration form and waiver with your payment or register online utilizing PayPal.

Thank you for your support of EVBC and for making our teams some of the most competitive in the area!  We truly have a great family of players and parents.