Varsity Volunteer Work Assignments

Whether it’s your daughter’s first or last year on the Eagle’s squad, we’re all a part of this great team. And that means we often need volunteers to assist with Line Judging, Score Flipping, Libero Tracking, etc. This is especially true when our JV team isn’t available to work our games OR we’re at a tournament and parents are being asked to work the game.

Fortunately we have some awesome parents that have been willing to step up and get on the court for the team over and over again. But they shouldn’t have to do all the work, so we’ve been asked to create a work assignment list for the remaining season.

Not every game will require all 4 of these positions, but we are assigning them to ensure that we have people assigned when folks are needed. You should assume that you are needed for the assignment unless told by the staff manning the court table or the team mom / work coordinator.

Please find your name below and be ready to volunteer for the position listed. If you are not going to be present at the game, or are otherwise unable to fulfill your assigned role, please make arrangements with another parent to take your place.

Finding a replacement for your assignment is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.